replace the underlined adverb phrases in the following sentences with adverb clauses.

1.on his return, we all cheered.

2.people like him for his generosity.

3.the trunk is too heavy to lift.

4.the lost keys were found in the child's hiding place.

5.wanting to leave early, we finished our work fast.

6.on his arrival we asked him many questions. comparision with air, water is heavy.

8.this price is too high for an old car.

1.On his return, we all cheered.

We all cheered when he returned.



2.People like him for his generosity.

 He is liked by the people as he is generous.


3.The trunk is too heavy to lift.

 The trunk is heavy as it is difficult to lift it.


4.The lost keys were found in the child 's hiding place.

 I found the keys where the child was accustomed to hiding.


5.Wanting to leave early, we finished our work fast.

 We finished our work fast because we wanted to leave early.


6.On his arrival we asked him many questions.

 We asked him many questions when he arrived.


7.In comparision with air, water is heavy.

 Water is heavy when we compare it with air.


8.This price is too high for an old car.

 The price shouldn't be too high as it is an old car.

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