reply letter by a sarpanch of a village to a NGO requesting them to come to his village to demonstation of rainwater harvesting

1-sender's adderess without name 
2-date  (full form)
3-reciever's adderess with reciever's designation.

Respected Sir,
Subject - NGO  request to demonstrate the rainwater harvesting project

    This is to bring to your kind notice that I (WRITE NAME) am the sarpanch of the village (WRITE NAME OF VILLAGE AND STATE). We have heard about the good work that you NGO team is doing for the villages in terms of Rainwater harvesting.
    Therefore, on behalf of the village members, I would like to request your NGO team to visit our village and inspect the land and educate the farmers regarding rain water harvesting. I'm sure this would help in increasing the crop production. So we are looking to our village. 

Thanking You, sir,
Yours Respectfully,

'hope you found this helpful!' ;)

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i meant looking forward to your visit to our village ,,,, sorry....
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