represent 2 + root 3 on a number line

To represent on the number line l, firstly mark the points O, A, B and C on l such that OA = AB = BC = 1.

Draw CD ⊥ l such that CD = 1 unit. Join BD.

In right ΔBCD,

BD2 = BC2 + CD2 = 12 + 12 = 1 + 1 = 2

Draw DE ⊥ BD such that DE = 1 units. Join BE.

In right ΔBDE,

BE2 = BD2 + DE2

Taking B as centre and BE as radius, draw an arc which intersects l in F.

Here, OB = 2 and

OF = OB + BF =

So, the point F represents on the number line.

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well draw line from 2 to 3 on number line, now draw square with side 1cm, then draw diagonal of that square, on one point of diagonal(away from number line) draw second line of 1cm perpendicular to diagonal one, draw line from second line draw second diagonal to first diagonal now draw an arcfrom the point where second diagonal and second line meets to number line

if you know how to represent sq. root of 3 then represent it between 2 to 3 

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