represent root 9.3 on the number line

@Ishan Goyal: you have provided the correct solution. Well done. Although you have provided the correct figure but there is a small mistake in naming. The point on extended line AB is E not D.

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draw a line AB of 9.3cm .then extend to c of find the midpoint AC with the help of a compass.draw a straight line perpendicular to AC from that the point E and the centre point as the point E such that AD = draw a semi circle from A to C.braw a perpendicular line from B such that it touches the semi point at where the straight line from B touches the semicircle as F.with F cut an arc.the point at witch the arc meets the number line is the root of 9.3

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To locate on the number line, we have to follow the steps given below.

(1) Draw a line AB = 9.3 units and BC = 1 unit.

(2) Find the mid-point of AC and mark it as O. Taking O as the centre and OA as the radius, draw a semi-circle.

(3) From B, draw a perpendicular to AC. Let it meet the semi-circle at D. Taking B as the centre and BD as the radius, draw an arc that intersects the line at E.

Now, the distance BE on the line is units.

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