Research and find out ballad that contains in the poem A Legend of the Northland.

Legend of the Northland is a saga, an ode, a fable, a cautionary tale, wrapping its readers in luxurious prose and an insider’s knowledge of life in Bush Alaska. It is an epic Alaskan tale, spinning the story of a legend, “The Boy,” who grows up on the Yentna River in the foothills of the Alaska Range hunting, trapping, learning to drive a dog team and learning to get by in a harsh world where survival is never taken for granted. There’s an enigmatic quality to the story, recurring images and feelings which hint at an overriding mystery: “The wind is howling and Mama is singing, Mama howling and the wind singing, I can’t tell one from the other now. Howling and singing.”
The Boy learns about the Great Race, a grueling 1,000-mile sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome, and his true story begins. He learns about legendary mushers such as The Whaler, The Outdoorsman, The Woman, The Tinkerer, The Silver Fox, The Cowboy, The Fisherman, The Norwegian, and The Old Man.

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