Rewrite into passive:-

1. All desire wealth and some acquire it.

2. Alas! we shall hear his voice no more.

3. Shall I forget those happy days?

4. Do you not understand my meaning?

5. Macbeth hoped to succeed Duncan.

6. They laughed at his warnings and objected to all his proposals.

7. He pretended to be a baron.

8. I saw him opening the box.

9. You never hear of a happy millionaire.

10. Did you never hear that name?

11. The legend tells us how the castle received its name.

12. Why did he defraud you of your earnings? 

Hello Tushar,
The required sentences are:
1. Wealth is desired by all and acquired by some.
2. Alas! His voice shall be heard no more.
3. Shall those days be forgotten by me?
4. Am I not understood?
5. It was hoped by Macbeth to succeed Duncan.
6. His warnings were being laughed at and his proposals were being objected to.
 7. It was pretended by him to be a baron.
8. He was seen opening the box.
9. A happy millionaire is never heard of.
10. Is that name never heard by you?
11. We are told by the legend as to how the castle received its name.
12. Why were you defrauded by him of your earnings? 
Hope this fulfills you query.
Have a nice day!

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