Rewrite the following sentences by changing their narration:
5. The beggar said, "Gentleman, give me something to eat."
6. "Don't sit on my clothes," shouted he.
​7. The commander said, "Battalion, march forward."
8. "Call the accused," said the judge.
​9. The teacher said, "Students, be regular in your studies."
​10. The security officer said to the boys, "Don't stand here."

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The answers are as follows:

Exercise 4:
  1. She requested her that she shouldn't come the next day as she would not be there.
  2. The teacher commanded the boys to not move.
  3. Ann asked her to lend her her pen.
  4. He told Rohan that he has to apologise.
  5. The beggar requested the Gentlemen to give him something to eat.
  6. He commanded not to sit on his clothes.
  7. The commander told the Battalion to march forward.
  8. The Judge commanded to call the accused.
  9. The teacher told the students to be regular in their studies.
  10. The security officer told the boys to not stand there.
Exercise 5:
  1. She asked,"Do you believe in spiritualism?"

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you have to simply convert the sentences into indirect speech...
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4. "You have to apologize" Rohan said .
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"Give me something to eat "the beggar requested
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"Don't stand here "the security man said to the boys.
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