Rewrite the following sentences in Indirect Speech : 
1. "Cheer up, mother. I'll go and work somewhere," said Nikhil. 
2. The students said, "How tough the paper is!" 
3. The teacher said to the boy, "Do well as you have always done." 
4. The mother said, "I have often told you not to tell lies." 
5. The wounded man asked, "Will none of you help me ?" 
6. "Is Mr. Pundit at home?" asked the postman.

Dear Student,
Kindly make the following changes.

1. Nikhil asked his mother to cheer up and promised to go and work somewhere.
2. The students exclaimed with sorrow about how tough the paper was.
3. The teacher asked the boy to do well as he had always done.
4. The mother reminded the boy that she had often told him not to tell lies.
5. The wounded man enquired if none of them would help him.
6. The postman asked if Mr. Pundit was at home.

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