Rewrite these sentences in passive form. Include the phrases where necessary: (oral practice first)
Example - We do not sell readymade garments at this shop.
                  Readymade garments are not sold​ at this shop.
1. The Principal has announced a revised programme of unit tests.
2. C.K. Pandit will coach the India A team.
3. People thought him to be a brilliant scientist.
4. A little planning can save a lot of time.
5. Don't offer eatables to the animals.
6. The latest issue of The Week contains some excellent articles.
7. Do you accept payment by credit card also?
8. By 5 p.m., the police had solved the mystery.
9. Do you deal in sports goods also?

  1. A revised programme of unit tests has been announced by the Principal.
  2. The India A team will be coached by CK Pandit
  3. He was thought to be a brilliant scientist by the people.
  4. A lot of time can be saved by a little planning.
  5. Eatables should not be offered to the animals.
  6. Some excellent articles are contained in the latest issue of The Week.
  7. Is payment by credit card also accepted?
  8. The mystery had been solved by the police by 5p.m
  9. Are sport good also being dealt by you?

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1. The revised program of unit tests was announced by the principal
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2. India A Team will be coached by C.K. Pandit
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3. He was thought as a brilliant scientist by people
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