"Risk in business is not by choice but a compulsion." Comment.

YES'" it is true that risks  in business is not a choice but a compulsion.

1] Risks in the business can be reduced but cannot becompletely eliminated
2]degree of risk depends on nature and size of business . for eg :  a large scale industry has more risk as compared to small scale industies.  similarly  a fashion industry has more risk  in relation to a textile industry
3]business is full of uncertainities. uncertainity means lack of knowledge what business is going to give in future
     . this uncertainity leads to the creation of risks
4]business  exists for earning profits. no business can survive without profit. profit can only be earned by 
     undertaking risks. higher the risks higher the  chances of earning  profit
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Thanks Rohit
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No risk , no business without risk not a single business activity is possible profit is the reward for risk taking , more risk more profit
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Yes its true... This is because there r many causes of risk which van not be neglected...these includes natural causes like calamities n disasters , human causes like strikes , etc...
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