rods which take us to our destination can take us to death,too,if,we are not feel that more than the law ,the need of the honour is to inculcate safe road habits among vehicle drivers and pedestrians.write a letter in about 120 words to the editor of the times of india, mumbai on the topic"safer roads,safer life".

Here are a few pointers for your reference:

-Deaths caused due to road accidents are increasingly on the rise. 

-Speeding vehicles often meet with fatal accidents. 

-Danger for not just the speeding vehicles but also for the pedestrians who get hit, usually without any fault of theirs. 

-It is we who should shoulder the responsibility to ensure road safety.

-We must adhere to traffic rules and stick to the prescribed speed limits to minimize the chances of accidents.

-People must be discouraged from drunk driving; red lights and zebra crossings must not be ignored.

-Proper safety precautions like helmets and safety belts must be adhered to.

-Dangerous stunts can be fatal to life.

-In short, we must understand that our safety lies in our own hands.

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