ROH+Na = RO^- Na^+  +1/2 H2O
​Write the order of reactivity of alcohols b/w
1Degree,2degree and 3 degree

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                             Given Reaction is :-
                                    R-OH + Na --> RO- Na+12 H2
As Alcohols is weaker acids than water. This can be explained by the reaction of water with an alkoxide


In above reaction, the water is a better proton donor that is a stronger acid than alcohol. An alkoxide ion is a better proton acceptor than hydroxide ion (-OH), which shows that alkoxides are the stronger base that is sodium ethoxide is a stronger base than sodium hydroxide. So,  Alcohol act as Bronsted bases as well and It is due to the presence of unshared electron pairs on oxygen that makes them proton acceptors.Now The acidic character In alcohols occurs due to the presence of polar nature of O–H and the electron-releasing groups like methyl (– CH3),  ethyl (–C2H5 ) increase the electron density on oxygen tend to decrease the polarity of O-H bond. This will decrease the acid strength. For this reason, the acid strength of alcohols decreases in the following order: 


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