Rohan finds funny to send same mails to many people unecessarily. What is this called as ? Is he doing correct ? Support your answer.


Sending the same email to multiple people unnecessarily is known as spamming or email spam. It is considered inappropriate and can be harmful because it can clog email inboxes, waste people's time, and potentially spread viruses or malware. It can also be seen as disrespectful to the recipients, as it implies that the sender did not take the time to personalize the message or consider whether it is relevant to each recipient.

Rohan's behavior of sending the same email to multiple people unnecessarily is not considered correct because it is intrusive, wasteful, and can be harmful. In addition, it can damage his reputation and relationships with others, especially if the recipients perceive his behavior as disrespectful or annoying. Therefore, it is important to use email responsibly and considerately, by only sending messages to relevant recipients and avoiding mass mailing or spamming.

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