Rohan is very intelligent in maths. He always try to relate the concept of maths in daily life. One day he is

walking away from the base of a lamp post at a speed of 1 m/s. Lamp is 4.5 m above the ground.

(i) If after 2 second, length of shadow is 1 meter,

what is the height of Rohan ?

(a) 145 cm (b) 120 cm

(c) 150 cm (d) 175 cm

(ii) What is the minimum time after which his shadow

will become larger than his original height?

(a) 1 sec (b) 2 sec

(c) 3 sec (d) 4 sec

(iii) What is the distance of Rohan from pole at this

point ?

(a) 2 m (b) 1 m

(c) 3 m (d) 4 m

(iv) What will be the length of his shadow after 4


(a) 2 m (b) 1 m

(c) 3 m (d) 4 m

(v) Which similarity criterion is used in solving the

above problem

(a) SAS similarity criterion

(b) AA similarity criterion

(c) SSS similarity criterion

(d) none of these

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