Salt is an animal product or a plant product? Reason.

salt is neither animal product nor plant product it is a natural product as it is obtain from saline water [salty water or sea water] by the process of evaporation . the salt is obtained when the sea water come in lagoons [large pits near sea ocean etc] along the waves. then the water is evaporate by the heat of sun and the salt in saline water left in lagoon then the humans collect this salt and it is purified in machinery. So the  salt is neither produced by animals nor plant


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Salt is obtained from the sea.Sea water is salty and by the process of evaporation.the water is evaporated and the salt is left behind.
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It is produced by sea.Sea water is salty so it is produced by the process of evaporation.
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salt is not  an animal nor a plant product it comes the sea
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