Sanna is investigating which materials are good reflectors of light.
She shines a torch on different objects from a distance of 20 cm.

She looks at the objects to see how well each reflects light.
a) Tick TWO boxes to show which objects are the best reflectors.

b) Choose from one of the following options to show which of Sanna's objects does not make a dark shadow.
a)Metal Spoon
b)Wooden Spoon
c) Woolly Hat
d)Glass Jar
(c)     The picture below shows Sanna looking at the torchlight reflected in a mirror.
Draw TWO arrows to show the direction the light must travel for Sanna to see light from the torch in the mirror.

Please answer these questions fast. I couldn't post them as separate questions.

Dear student,
The surface of the metal spoon and the compact disc are very smooth, so they reflect back the most of the incident light.
So the  metal spoon and the compact disc are the best reflectors of light.
when light passes through a transparent body, it does not cast a shadow , as light can easily pass through it.
So Glass Jar being a transparent object will not make any dark shadow.

[Diagram that shows TWO arrows (along incident ray and reflected ray)  which is required to show the direction the light ; so that Sanna can see light from the torch in the mirror]


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