Savitri mam help

सभ्यता और संस्कृति में क्या अंतर है ?? डीटेल्ड आन्सर दें.

 @ rahul , how u type the words in hindi?

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 i am not savitra mam but the answer is:

संस्कृति - kisi bhi chez ke baren mein schone ki shamta,pravitri aur yogyata to sanstkiti kehete hain. eg- newton. he gave the gravitational law because he had the samta and nature to think so.

सभ्यता - kisi bhi chez ko aviskar ke roop mein prastut karna सभ्यता khealata hai. eg- newton ka putra. he can use newtons law for research purposes and can find new thing, can know more than his father but will remain सभ्य and cannot become संस्कृt .

hope this helps. 

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@ mercy.

is link mein jakar ek seach bar hai usme inscript/romanised karke option hai. u can use that keyboard to type there and then paste it here but it takes a lot of time. alternatively u can use office 2010. or can buy some softwares meant for the purpose, they may be avilable for download also u can check on google.

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i've used for this... while writing mails u've an option for hindi font in the select area... u can do it from there...!!

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