say whether the following sentences are declarative Interrogative , Imperativeor , Exclamatory :

Have they not done their duty ?

Please lend me your cycle .

If she comes late ,l shellask her the reson .

how very coldthe night is!

all these books belong to sanjay .

humble is the man of god .

after beating the eggs , pour them into the post .

come to me  when you are free . 

Have they not done their duty ?

- Interrogative

Please lend me your cycle.

- Imperative

If she comes late, I shall ask her the reason.

- Declarative

How very cold the night is!


All these books belong to Sanjay.

- Declarative

Humble is the man of god.


After beating the eggs, pour them into the post.

- Imperative

Come to me when you are free.


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