'School dropouts are giving way to child labour.' Discuss how this is a loss to human capital.

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School dropouts is a major problem faced by the primary schools . Though India has made potential progress in enrolment rates at primary school but still less successful in reducing the dropout rates.
Some of the reasons for school dropout are:
1. Migration of families.
2.Child marraige
4.Child labour
Prioritising a child's education becomes diffucult for families which are poor and have limited resources.They tend to dropout school after attaining a certain age to help thier families financially by working in industries.Entering into child labour during formative stages of life prevents them from getting proper education and deprives them from better employment oppurtunities in future.
In developimg countries it is seen that poverty is the major cause of child labour. When the citizens of a country are literate their contribution in the economic growth increases. Unskilled amd illiterate labour force is absolutely a loss to the human capital of a country.

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School dropouts curbs the education of the the child, Hence the child is forced to child labour, for his living and so the child is added to the unskilled labour sector so he contributes less towards the economy growth but if he is an educated person the he would have surely contributed more than it so it is ultimately a loss to human capital for losing an educated and skilled worker 
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