science is a good servant but a bad master how is this applicable togriffin's scientific Discovery

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In today's world, we can see that Science has become a boon for us. It has a lot of advantages. There are many fields, rather even daily activities that involve science. We start our day and from getting ready till the time we hit the hay, we can feel the dependency on science. In processes like bathing, cooking, travelling, working etc. science has always served us. It is indeed a good servant. It's contribution in the field of medicine is tremendous.
However, as excess of anything is bad same applies to science as well. It has made us lazy and too dependent on artificial things. Discoveries like hydrogen bombs, chemical plants, nuclear things etc. have harmful effects as well. 
This applies to Griffin also, who was an intelligent scientist. He could not contribute anything productive as he became a slave of science and made it a master. He went the wrong way and did things he should not have done.


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