Scorn, Regular, Dispute
Please give -
1. Origin of these words
2. Meaning
3. Part of Speech
4. Prefix and Suffix words
5. Sentence to be framed with the given words

Dear Student
Scorn :
Origin: Middle English: shortening of Old French escarn (noun), escharnir (verb), of Germanic origin.
meaning: a feeling and expression of contempt or disdain for someone or something.
Part of speech: noun
Suffix: Scornfully
Prefix: Outscorn
Sentence: She does not wish to become the object of scorn.

Origin: late Middle English: from Old French reguler, from Latin regularis, from regula ‘rule’.
meaning: arranged in or constituting a constant or definite pattern.
Part of speech: adjective
Suffix: Regularly
Prefix: Irregular
Sentence: They are in regular communication by Phone.

Origin: Middle English: via Old French from Latin disputare ‘to estimate’ (in late Latin ‘to dispute’), from dis- ‘apart’ + putare ‘reckon’
meaning: a disagreement or argument.
Part of speech: noun, verb
Suffix: disputed
Prefix: Predispute
Sentence: The union disputes between employers resulted in a strike.



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