? Section A - Questions of 1 mark VSA of difficulty level
Q. 1) 'Molar conductance of weak electrolyte increases with dilution'. Give reason.
Q. 2) Specific conductance of 0.01M AB solution is 0.015 ??-1 cm-1. The resistance of a
cell containing the solution was 60 ? calculate cell constant.
Q. 3) Name the anode and cathode used in Nickel- Cadmium cell
Q. 4) How is standard electrode potential of Cu2+ / Cu(S) determined experimentally?
Q. 5) When cell reaction attains an equilibrium, What will be the EMF of a cell?
Q. 6) How many moles of Cu is deposited on the cathode by the passage of 965 C of
charge ?
Q. 7) Write IUPAC notation for Daniel cell.
Q. 8) Write cell representation for cell reaction.
Q. 9) How many coulomb of charge is required for deposition of 2/3 mole of Al in elec-
trolysis of molten Al2O3
Q. 10) Write electrode reaction for following electrode
Ag AgCl (s), (s)
Q. 11) Following reaction occur at cathode during electrolysis of aqueous solution of AgNO3
Ag + e Ag E = + 0.80 V + - 0
(aq) (s)
(a ) q + e - H2
E 0 = + 0.002 V 1
On the basis of their SRP values, which reaction is possible at cathode and why?
Q. 12) What will be the volume of H2
liberated, when 1 Faraday of electricity is passed
through 1 M HCl solution at N.T.P. ?
Q. 13 Write the reaction at anode during rusting.

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