? Section B - Questions of 2 Marks SAI
Q. 1) Equilibrium Constant (K) is related only to E0
cell and not to Ecell. Explain.
Q. 2) Write Nernst equation and calculate EMF of the following cell at 298 K.
Mg Mg Cu Cu (s) (s) 2+ 2+
(0.001 M) (0.0001M)
E = -2.37 V E = + 0.34 V 0 0 Mg Cu
Q. 3) Define Faraday's first law of electrolysis.Calculate the amount of Aluminium is de-
posited by passing 2 Faradary of electricity through 1 mole of fused AlCl3 .
Q. 4) How many gram of chlorine can be produced by the electrolysis of molten NaCl with
a current of 2 ampere for 20 minutes?
Q. 5) Standard electrode potentials of some elements are given below
K /K= -2.93 V + Ag /Ag = 0.80 V + Hg /Hg = 0.79 V 2+
Mg /Mg = -2.37 V 2+
Arrange these metals in their increasing order of reducing power.
Q. 6) ?0 For NaCl, HCl and CH3COONa are 126.4, 425.9 and 91 S cm2
mol-1 respectively
calculate ?0
Q. 7) How is the flow of electric current in a metal wire differs from that in a solution of an
Q. 8) What is salt bridge? What are its functions in galvanic cell?

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