Section B third question

Section B third question We must forget either. that adverusing makes v.uSout this source of revenues. The [Ect we pay sc many prc.amrnes is entirely due to the spec: by Just a wou2d cost we have to fu'.} , Oa the basis Of your reading Zhe passage notes abbreviations Gwe a the IS Mare 2 Write a suænary of Lhe passav - SECTION - B (Writing and 13 (30) George and Sheela plan to celebrate their daughter n grandu•ay, with a grand party, music, dance games for They card. As George Sheela design day S .30 p.mj (40 words)

Dear Student,

                                   Stars glittering red, pink, blue
                                     Dreams do come true

                                 Please join us in celebrating
                            our daughter TWINKLE's first birthday!

                      (Have unlimited fun with games, food, toys, and music)

                        at the residence of Mr. George and Mrs. Sheela
                     Flat No: 1980, Ashiana Society, Anandvihar, New Delhi
                                            on  February 24, 2019
                                               at 5.30 pm 

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