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State all the possible value for n in dn configuration the no of u.p e in octahedral complex remain same irrespective of the lig field strength

A d block elements forms octahedral complex but its mu remains same either in sfl or wfl state the conf for d d1,d2.... upto d10 which is best suitable for this is it always form coloured cpd and is no of e in t2g is lower then eg orbitals explain all these things in better way

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As we know that in octahedral complexes the energy level of eg is higher than t2g as shown in diagram.
I am giving you general view of all the d configuration and their magnetic behaviour and colour formation.
The octahedral d1 to d10 high or lowspin is shown below.
note: diagram for d9 is will have only unpaired electron.
Your first answer is number of unpaired electron is same for d1,d2,d3,d8 and d9 irrespective of ligands.
your second answer is the magnetic moment is always same means same number of unpaired electron so the answer is again same.the corresponding configuration will be d1, d2, d3, d8 and d9.
Your third answer is coloured complex will form if there is incompletely filled eg orbital .Any transition from t2g to eg will give colour to complex.Therefore all the coordination complex in general show colour.But number of electron in eg orbital cannot have more than t2g as asked by you "no of e in t2g is lower then eg orbitals"


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