select the suitable option

1 she (has/have) two pens.

2 neither ram nor shama is(/are) going to school.

3 the cattle (was/were) grazing.

4 my new pair of socks (is/are) tight.

5 the doctor as well as the interns (is/are) going to hospital.

6 a lot of (is/are)  visiting this park

7 not omly but he also (is/are) wrong.

8 physics (is/are) a difficult subject.

The required sentences are:


- He has two pens.

- Neither Ram nor Shama are going to school.

- The cattle was grazing.

- My new pair of socks is tight.

- The doctor as well as the interns are going to hospital.


- Not only she but he also is wrong.

- Physics is a difficult subject.


Hope these help!

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1)  she have two pens

2)NEITHER ram nor shama are going to school.

3)the cattle was grazing

4)my new pair of socks are tight.

5)the doctor as well as the interns are going to to hospital

6)i think the 6 question is not correct

7)not omly but he also is wrong

8)physics is a difficult subject

hope i will help yaa but 6th one i am not sure i think the question is wrong 

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