selfish is a common trait among all except a few and kisa Gotami could not save herself untouched from it .she says how selfish am I in my grief. justify the statement to her realisation of death of all.

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The story 'The Sermon at Benares' talks about the early life of Lord Buddha who left his prince hood in search of salvation. Upon attaining enlightenment, he gave his first sermon in the city of Benares. After listening to the sermon, Kisa Gotami who was grieving from her son's death, ignored the teaching of the sermon and instead asked for Buddha's help. Lord Buddha asked her to find mustard seeds from a family that hasn't seen any deaths but she couldn't fulfil the condition. It was only the second time, when she underwent deep reflection that she finally understood the meaning of the sermon. She realised that her selfishness hindered the realisation of the mortality of men and the cycle of life. At the end of the story, we observe that she has finally made peace with the world and understood the meaning of life.


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