Sentence reordering whole

Sentence reordering whole I hts long Wait has cured headache. I'm here only you. Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentence s. noun.trun/the/do/c orridor$' and make/noise/ has diversity/heritaqe/ With you telVareYthe reasorücan / mellooking upset'why you as prouW'his strength,'desplsod thetwho/tenants,'the landlord/weakness of his/ot f) ke-WWty/explain to/they/&€• oru'whether she/her mother's/not/thero h) sometimes,'t.o.-rnavryfwonder/wantod/hltn or 3 of 4

a. Where have you kept the books?
b. Do not run in the corridors and make noise.
c. With its diversity, India has a rich cultural heritage.
d. Can you tell me the reason why you are looking upset?
e. The landlord who was proud of his strength, despised the weakness of his tenants.
f. He is going to explainn why they didn't go to the party.
Whether she will come there or not depends on her mother's permission.
h. I sometimes wonder if she really wanted to marry him or not.

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(a)= where have you kept the books?
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Pls d,e,f,g,h
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