seprate the solid ink from fountain ink (seprate the component of a mixture)

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The question is not clear.
However, if you are referring to separation of various coloured components of ink the following information might help you.

The various coloured components of ink can be separated by the method of chromatography.
Blue and Red ink can be separated by the process of paper chromotography.The  different colours  can be seen on the chromatogram.

. Red ink and blue ink have different dyes in them, that is their chemical compound is different.

2. So, when we put a mixture of red and blue ink on the chromatography paper, and run a solvent, we see that the two inks get separated due to the fact that they both contain different chemical compound.

3. The procedure is as follows:

 - Take a Whatman filter paper and cut put a broad strip.
 - Draw a line 1 cm above the edge of the paper.
- Put 2-3 drops of mixture of ink on the centre of the line drawn.
- Take a jar, add isopropyl alcohol in it, just to wet the surface. (Make sure that the solvent does not touch the line on the paper.)
- Put the strip in the jar, having the edge close to spot at the bottom.
- Allow the solvent to run by capillary action.

There will be two different inks on the paper running in the upward direction and after sometime, they will form two different spots, and trail is seen.


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