SHABD ROOP OF lata(vibhakti:saptmi)

 i am not  sure but may be latayaam

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 lata late latah

latam late latah
latya latabhyam latabhi
lataye latabhyam latabhya
lataya latabhyam latabhya
lataya latyo latanaam
latayaam latyo latasu
he lata he late he latah

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I am not understandig it

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samjha do na

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plese uncle ji

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  लतायाम,   लतायो:    लतासु 

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 thanks but please write in hindi

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Thanks. I need in Hindi/Sanskrit subdh roop of latha

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Dhatu rup Of lata
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prathama      lata    late    latah
ditya             latam late    latah
tritya            lataya  latabhyam   latabhihi
chaturthi      lataye  latabhyam   latabhyaha
​panchami    latayaha latabhyam latabhyaha
​sashti          latahyaha  latayou latanaam
​saptami       latayam    latayoha   latasu
sambhodanam  he late! he late!  he lataha!
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Here is the solution Genuinely hope it helps..

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