shanu and his friend went on a one-day school trip. he then write his exprience in an article for the school magazine. in his article he includes details of the arrangmenmts, mode of transportation,the place he visited and where they stayed for the night.he also includes his feelings about such trips and excursion. as shanu, write an article in about 100-120 can use ideas from the unit on 'travel and tourism' and your ideas.​
value points---
  • ​1-day trip to chandigarh
  • a semi-deluxe bus arranged for the journey
  • the rock garden,sukhna lake,rose garden visited
  • shopping at sector 17 market(plz plz give answer plz plzplease)

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- Our school organised a day trip for students of our class to Chandigarh.
- We enjoyed ourselves by singing songs during the bus drive to Rock Garden.
- We were amazed to see such clever use of waste material to make decorative and useful things.
- The Rose Garden was beautiful at that time of the year, with roses of all colours blooming everywhere.
- It was fun to walk on the road beside Sukhna lake with cool breeze running through our hair.
- We were given a sumptuous lunch at a local restaurant.
- The trip was well planned and enjoyable.

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