She handed me the letter. Voice change

She handed me the letter. Voice change 15. 16. 17. 18. 19, 20 21, 22. 23. 24. • 10:03 In a Step up transformer the number 01-turns in primary and secondary coils are 100 and 400 respectively. If 120V alternating voltage applied across the primary coil. Then find:- (a) Transformation ratio (b) Voltage across secondary coil Name the wave with maximum and m inimum wavelength in electromagnetic SINCtrum. 2 Write the conditions for total internal reflection. (OR) qfömn q I Define critical angle. Write relation between critical angle and refractive index of denser medium. Oil 1 What is the function Of a moderator in nuclear reactor. Write the name of two mode rators. (OR) What is the function Of controlling rods in nuclear reactor ? Why these rods are made of cadm ium only ? :grurq 2 e I 2 The maximum and minimum amplitude Of a modulated wave is 10 volt and 2 volt respectively. What Will be modulation index ? 2 Aglasem Sch 001 1+2=3 There are two metal spheres one small and Other large. Which sphere will have more capacity ? Derive formula for the capacity of parallel plate capacitor if a medium Of dielectric constant K placed between the plates Of capacitor. qftqu ? L-C-R at*Td 1+2=3 i_xcoso ø I What do you mean by power in alternating current circuit. Show that in L•C-R circuit average power loss per cycle is given by cosø where ø is phase angle. 24

Dear student,

The answer is 'The letter was handed over to me by her.'


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