1 define primary , secondary plant introduction ?

2 describe advantages of mass selection ?

3 what is a clone describe the procedure of clonal selection ?

4 define single cell protein its merits and demerits ?

5 what do u understand by green revolution . describe advantages and changes in indian agriculture due to green revolution ?

6 list different types of tissue cultures ?

7 write short notes on

a) emasculation b) pure lime c) improvement in wheat and rice d) source of resistance e) mutagens in breeding f) organisms used as SCP g) protoplast fusion h) anther culture I) somatic hybrides j) germ plasm conversion

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Single cell protein (SCP) is the alternate sources of proteins for animal and human nutrition. It is extracted from cultures of algae, yeasts, fungi etc.

Merit: 1)Can be easily genetically modified.

2)Strains with high yield can be produced very easily

Demerits: 1)Expensive procedure.

2)Many types of microbes produce toxic substance so it should be checked that produced biomass does not contain toxins.

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