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Short note on Jyotirao Phule

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jyoti rao phule was a great reformer he was the founder of sayashodak samaj. he raised his voise against the bramans who claimed that they were the superior than others. according to jyoti rao phule brahmans were the aryans who came from other subcontinent . they defeated the true children of the country and looked upon them as inferior as low caste people . phule raised his voise  upon that the aryans has no right on their lands .

phule in 1873 wrote extensively about the issues black slaves of USA .he wrote the book the book beacaus he was  a great personality and his voise abot caste prejudices. the american cold war almostin1880 led in the end of black slavs in america. phule dedicated his book to all thse americans who had fought to become free.thus phule had established a connection between black slaves in USA and low castes people in INDIA    

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