short paragrph on the terror of examination

Few disadvantages and terror of examination are:

  • Exams have poor predictability quality
  • They encourage teaching to the test practice
  • They are like fever and thus they can spoil the result of students
  • They also sometimes lead to unhealthy competition among peer

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Examinations are a horror to students. They are a necessary evil. Many students do not like examinations. They give tension. Every student has fear of the examination. Examination is like a fever. If a student feels nervous, he cannot learn anything. He spends sleepless nights. Examinations are not the sure test o students' ability. Examination is test of cramming, not o knowledge. It is not possible to test in three hours what a student has learnt during the whole year. It is a matter of chance if a student gets the same questions which he has learnt by heart. Those students, who do not study the whole year, try to copy in the examination. There are both advantages and disadvantages in examination system. But we cannot remove examinations.

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 here is what i have thought to answer you, take a look.-

examination,this word fills the mind of every student with different terrible fears. some are afraid because they think its very hard to score grades in exams and if they donot suceed in doing so, they would be insulted by their high scoring is quite true also.most of the students fear exams in the threat of being beaten up by parents.this fear is very much prevelant in the students of every standard.This fear of students is understandable, but they should also think on the point that the only way to know about their atained knowledge and progress is an Examination.                                                                                          And if each child comes well prepared to the examination halls,every terror would vanish into seconds! They would be able to score good points and make theirparents and themselves proud.

so work hard,flee away the terror.    

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