short story of the shepheds treasure

There lived a poor shepherd in a village in Iran. He was uneducated, but he was wise and helpful. He became famous and popular for his wisdom and friendly nature. Even the king of the country desired to meet him. He went to meet him disguised as a shepherd on a mule. The shepherd  behaved and greeted the king very nicely and could make out that his visitor was the king. The king was impressed with his hospitality and wisdom. He made him the governor of a small district. Other governors grew jealous of this shepherd and conspired against him. The king frequently got the reports of the Shepherd’s dishonesty as a new governor. One day he was summoned to the palace and asked to explain why he always carried an iron chest with him. When the iron chest was opened, it was found that the chest did not contain any silver, gold and diamond but an old blanket. The shepherd regarded this blanket as his oldest friend. The jealous governors cut a sorry figure. The king made the Shepherd the governor of a district bigger than before as he was the wisest and the humblest man in the entire kingdom.

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