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The play The Bishop's Candlesticks by Norman Mckinnell is built on a very simple plot involving characters like The Bishop, the convict, the Bishop's sister, Marie and others. The plot of the play revolves around a story that brings forth the themes of Christian virtues like love and redemption.

The play unfolds through a series of dialogues between Persome, the Bishop's sister and Marie, the maid servant regarding the whereabouts of the Bishop. Through a thorough questioning, the Bishop's sister is able to sense that the Bishop may have gone to do his usual philanthropic activities nearby. She feels that the simplicity and nobility of the Bishop is being misused by people and the Bishop falls an easy prey due to his innocence.

After some time Persome comes to know that the salt cellars which were gifted by her mother has been given away by the Bishop to help Mere Gringore pay her rent and save her from imminent eviction.

Persome has an argument with the Bishop regarding his undue innocence. She makes him promise not to give away the candlesticks to any body in future. Having said that she goes to sleep.

In the subsequent scenes, the play takes an interesting turn. The entry of a stranger is mentioned. The stranger is the convict who carries a long knife and seizes the Bishop from behind. The convict asks for food and threatens to kill him in case he informs others about his presence. The convict reveals his true identity to the Bishop. The Bishop comes to know about the circumstances by which the stranger became a convict,the torture meted out to him by the police and so on and so forth. During the convict's stay in the Bishop's house, he comes across the silver candle sticks. The Bishop tells him that how his mother gave these candle sticks to him and his sister at the time of her death. Ultimately, the convict is unable to resist his temptation and he runs away with the candle sticks.

Persome, the Bishop's sister starts a heated argument with the Bishop as usual only to hear that the convict is in more need of the candlesticks than them. However, the convict is unable to go too far so that he is nabbed by the Police. The Police brings the convict to the Bishop who instead of accusing the convict of theft, forgives him by saying that the convict is his friend . The police releases him .The convict is blessed by the Bishop who advises him to go to a good place to start a new career. The convict reaches Paris where he starts a business and settles down successfully. The convict realises that by this act of benevolence of the Bishop , the convict has undergo a transformation from a wild beast to a man once again.

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The short summary of the bishop candle sticks

There once lived a bishop who was kind and generous. he loved and helped poors. He was very religious and helpful. One day a convict broke into his house and threaten him. but the bishop wasn't scared of him at all. The bishop treated him so well. He gave him food to eat and a comfortable bed to sleep...etc.. That time the convict feels some strange about that man.. Bishop was kind to him, fed him, took care of him, he felt like someone was there for him now. but he didn't accept that.. when the bishop asks about his past.. i tells the things which turned him into a wild beast..and he says that he was a man before but now he is  a wild beast.. The Bishop feels so pity on him.. then leaves him alone thatt time the convict sees  the silver candlesticks of the bishop which was given to him by his mother.. without any further thinking he took those and run from the house.. when the bishop came to know that the candle  sticks are gone, he felt so sad.then suddenly a knock came at the door, those where the police who have bought the convict  to bishop on suspicious.. he had the candle sticks.. when the serggeants ak him about it the the bishop says that he has given the candlesticks to his friend(Convict) as a gift..The convict  couldn't believe his ears.. the convict was free to go now.. The bishop had change his life.. he gave back the soul to him. now he is a normal man again.. the poor body.. the temple of the living god...

If its too big u can cut some.. and if u think this is too small  u may add persome's charcter also here...i didn't add her because she is not a main character here

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 ther  was a man called bishop

.he was living with his sister. oneday  near his home a old lady was living, she was able to work but in my opinion he used bishop. he used to ask bishop fr money to pay her rent and  bishop was so kind and loving by nature he happily gave her money. persome bishop s sister asked for  silver salt cellars to her maid and she told that bishop told her to sell that for some money. the maid was making hot soup as it was a cold climate. while returning bishop went to the mother of the maid and gave her some money and came home late night. persome asked him whwre he was and he told her.

now it was the time to leave from bishop s home and the maid was about to leave .bishop told her that he had given some medicines and money to ur ill mother and gave her d  mufler to maid ads it was very cold. Then the maid left home. now a short arguement sarted between persome and bishop. at last she told one day u will sell ur candlesticks also....

ikn that night a theif came his home as the doors were open and frightened  Bishop.but bishop was a kind man he told dont kill me  i will nt call to police.dont worry .but the theif was hesitating finally he tld to bring sm food fr him

he tld i hv to ask my sister fr that.if u will leave me i will bring sm food to u

persome awaked and  bishop told a poor person came for some food will u plz give me the winde and the food. finally she gave food and wine.then he again started to frighten both and told persome to move from theat room and Bishop then told  to leave we will talk alone.then she left home

then the convict started to tl his whole story( plzz prefer the book its clearly mentioned......)  , after that bishop tld u sleep here i will gv u blanket and 2morow in the mrning u  willl leave.then the convict asked why this dooors are opened .Bishop closed the door and told him it is the frst time in thirty years.then he left the room to bring blanket fr him and at that time the convict saw silver candlesticks and he wanted to take that and finally he said no to that while keeping it one of them fell down. then bishop returned he told that candlesticks it my mother s gift to me .When  i see them i gt my mother. then aftera  short conversation bishop left the room.Then the convict thought that teh candlesticks were costly and and if he wld take that he could start a small busineess and earn a money. finally he opened tehe door and snatched that candlesticks and ran way. sudeeenly persome awaked she saw the candle sticks wer e nt ther . she called her brother and tld him to calll the cop and to catch him. then the bishop regreeted fr sm time then he told its my mistake. I I kept him but he finally stolen my candlesticks the he tld leave that he was in ned of that

then sudenly ther came and they caught the convict.they asked bishop is this the candlesticks urs.he thought and tld no sir  he is  my frnd and i hv given him my cndlesticks but u all caught him.

after confirming the cops went back.Then the bishop tld to convict that u go frm another way it leads some way (i frgten that)  and tld mny frnds frnds of mine had gn through this way and no cops were there also. finally he gave the candlesticks to him and the convict finaaly left bishop s home


this was the summary

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The play dramatically depicts how the love and the compassion of the Bishop brought about a change of heart in a convict and turned him into a man of promise for a good life. The Bishop was a kind-hearted man who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ in the true spirit. Besides being a true Christian he was also an ardent humanist. He was ready to sacrifice everything to help the needy people. Even after selling all, he had, for others, he felt sorry that he could do so little whereas the world had so much suffering. He sold his saltcellars and gave the money to Mere Gringoire so that the latter might pay his rent to the bailiff. His sister. Persome was how ever a worldly woman, neither as self-less as her brother nor so noble. She did not like her brother to live for others and not for himself. She thought that people took an unfair advantage of his charitable nature. But the Bishop thought that if the people pretended to be in distressed and deceived him, then they are the poorer in spirit and not he. His door was never shut and it was opened for everybody.
One night when the Bishop was about to go to bed, a convict entered the house. At the point of his knife he demanded food from the Bishop. The Bishop was unruffled. He called Persome and asked her to give some supper to the convict. The convict wondered why the Bishop kept his doors and windows open and whether or not he was afraid of thieves and robbers. The Bishop told them that he was not afraid but that he was sorry for them, as they were only poor sufferers. He treated the convict with all love and respect as he regarded him too as a sufferer. He regarded him as a fellowman and a friend. His attitude had some effect on the convict. If we treat a man as a beast, then he becomes a beast. If we treat a beast as a man then it becomes a man. A man is what we think him to be.
The convict told the Bishop how he was caught by the police while he stole some food for his ill and starving wife. He was caught and sentenced to ten years in prison. The authorities did not pat any heed to the fact that he had stolen only to feed his ill and starving wife, Jeanette. They regarded him as a born criminal and treated him like a beast for ten years. Then one day he escaped but the society treated him no better. As he was a prisoner, nobody would give him any job. The police hunted him down. He was running away from them starving. So he stole again for food. Thus, society with its wrong attitude, did not give him a chance to lead a good life. Then he entered the house of the Bishop as he was hungry.

The kind Bishop was touched and gave him a bed to sleep on. The Bishop went to sleep. Left alone on his bed, the convict could not resist the temptation to steal the silver candlesticks of the Bishop. He took them and went out of the house. As he went out, the door slammed. Persome got up at the sound and found out that the convict had stolen the silver candlesticks and had gone away. The Bishop was sorry to lose the candlesticks as they were given to him by his mother. But like a true Christian, he felt that he was responsible for the convict’s behaviour. By keeping them before him, he had led him into temptation. The Bishop thought that he used to value the candlesticks very highly. It is a sin to get addicted to wealth. Lastly, the candlesticks might be of some use to the convict and what had happened had happened for the good.

But the convict was arrested by the gendarmes along with the candlesticks. They recognized the candlesticks of the Bishop and brought him back to him. But the Bishop told that the accused was his friend and that he himself had given the candlesticks to him. The police sergeant released the convict and went away. The convict was overwhelmed by the love of the Bishop and now he is convinced that the Bishop was kind and loving. He regained his faith that there can be goodness in men. He was sorry that he had stolen the candlesticks. He felt that he was once again a human being and not a beast. The kind Bishop told him of the secret road to Paris and gave him the candlesticks. He asked him to remember that the body of man is the temple of God. The convict was already a changed man and he promised to remember the Bishops’ last words and he went away.

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