short term benefit of using fertilizers and long term benefits of using manure

Manures are advantageous than fertilizers because of the following reasons:

  • It improves soil texture

  • It improves water retaining capacity of soil

  • Since manure is not nutrient specific so it replenishes all the nutrients of soil

  • It increases the number of useful micro-organisms in soil

  • It does not cause water pollution 
  • It does not change the chemical nature of soil so it does not harm the fertility of soil.
  • it is natural

  •  Chemical fertilizers have smaller bulk and hence are easy to store, transport and apply.

     Chemical fertilizers are soluble in water and hence are easily absorbed by plants.

    Chemical fertilizers when used in proper amounts promote the growth of plants and boost the crop yield.

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it is soluble in H2O and can be absorbed by plants easily

no pollution is caused by it
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