Should board exams be conducted or not .....please debate on this and send me your views

ys they should be there

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yes it  shud  be  der.It  creates  in  us  a  competetive spirit  .

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r u using fake id's

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What do u mean? using fake id's

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yes it shud,Class 10 boards gives the students the 1st taste of the competitions that are to come in future & jugdes them on an all India basis.Pressure is felt even when one has to give 12,iit or any other competitive exam;we can't do away with everything!Class 10 boards is an absolute YES for a student's career & hence a complete NO-NO to scrapping of BOARDS!! 

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Ys they should be there. Bcz it increases our thinking memory n our imagination becomes strong.

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yes there should be board exams
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Yes they will be conducted
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