1)What does Jack want to convey through the story of Roger skunk?
2) What part of the story did Jack himself enjoy the most?
3) How does Jack assert his authority as a father over his daughter?
4) How did the Tiger king meet his end ? What is ironical about his death?
5) "The world was a rattrap and the peddler himself became a victim of it".
6) Edla is better judge than her father.Do you think so?
    Why/Why not?
7) Both the Crofter and Edla Willmanson were kind
   and hospitable to the Tramp. But he repays crofters
   kindness by stealing his money while Edla is able to
   transform him to a better human being. Why?

Dear student
Please post your questions on individual threads and we will answer them as soon as possible. However, here are the answers to a few of your questions.

1. Jack wants to convey through the story that changing ourselves for the benefit of others isn't always the right solution. He also wants to show that we don't always end up getting what we want. Sometimes, we must compromise with what we get or what we have. 

3. Jack asserts his authority by saying that he will not change the story for Jo, no matter how much she throws a tantrum. He says that if she persists, he will no longer tell her any stories. After he comes down and still hears her walking around, he threatens to come back up and spank her. 

4. The tiger King met his end after being hurt by a splinter from a wooden tiger. This is ironical because, even though all the tigers were dead, the wooden tiger killed him, symbolically confirming what the astrologers had told him, that he would meet his end through the 100th tiger. 


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