Shouldn't this be deliquisence?

Shouldn't this be deliquisence? 7:51 PM 0.00K/s Ji04G 4G (e Solution: Catenation (iv) The property by which certain hydrated salts, when left exposed to atmosphere, lose their water of crystallization and crumble into powder- ehydration (v) The process y which sulphide ore is concentrated - Froth floatation (c) (i) Action of concentrated sulphuric acid on carbon: c + 2H2S04 C02 + (ii) Reaction of sodium hydroxide solution with iron (Ill) chloride solution: Feck + 3NaOH (iii) Action of heat on aluminum

Dear student, deliquesent effect is reverse of this. It is when a substance absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and solubilize in it to become liquid. Hence it is different than deliquescent. Regards

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