Show how Oscar Wilde has made the ghost in the novel "The Canterville Ghost "almost human by giving him complex human emotions ? 

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Unlike the typical cruel nature associated with ghosts, Oscar Wilde makes his ghost, in the novel The Canterville Ghost, quite unique by giving him some human emotions. We come to know about the complex human emotions possessed by the ghost when he feels insulted after failing to frighten the Mr Otis on his first nocturnal visit. Later we also see how he feels insulted by Mrs Otis's suggestion of Doctor Dobell's tincture when he gave one of his horrible laughs. The attacks of the twin brothers too make the ghost feel hurt as the truth of his failure to frighten the Otis family gradually settles upon him. But he still does not lose hope. He tries out his best appearance which is supposed to be of an extremely horrible nature and the author implies that the ghost uses make up to bring out the prefect appearance. At the end, just like any human being, the ghost is seen to be sad and remorseful for the wrongs he had done in the past. And as he cannot cry for himself he seeks little Virginia's help to cry and pray on his behalf to get the mercy of the angel of death. 

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