Show Lencho's faith and confidence in God with examples from the lesson.


Lencho deeply believed the existence of God and manifested the help of 100 pesos. He believed that his ruined field could turn green again and help him feed himself and his family. Sitting at the top of the mountain he prayed to God in the hope that the God must be hearing him somewhere in the near city. The very fact why he was heard is because he carried a pure soul and heart and spread out the positive energy in the universe. 

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Lencho was a simple & hardworking farmer. Who grows corn in his field . Hus corn field needs a lot of rain water to grow properly. He was stading in his field and praying to god for better rain. When he go back to his home for lunch a heavy hailstorm destroyed his field . He was so annoyed and decided to write a letter to god for 100 pesos for survival of his family . Thus, he has a great faith and confidence on god.

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