show the reduction of all the metals in reactivity series  from their ores ..

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It is easy to obtain metals from their oxides. So, ores found in the form of sulphide and carbonates are first converted to their oxides by the process of roasting and calcination. Oxides of metals so obtained are converted into metals by the process of reduction.
Roasting: Heating of sulphide ores in the presence of excess air to convert them into oxides is known as ROASTING.
Calcination: Heating of carbonate ores in the limited supply of air to convert them into oxides is known as CALCINATION.
Reduction: Heating of oxides of metals to turn them into metal is known as REDUCTION.
Purification: Metal; so obtained is refined using various methods.

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some metals cannot be reduced
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but plzz show   those metals  which can be reduced 
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