Since the beginning of human existence, people (a) __________     over the world have expressed their emotions and ideas (b) _________ the medium of dance. The word ‘folk’ means people. Folk dances express the moods and feelings of (c) _____________  common people. Different regions (d) _________ India have their own dances. (e)_________ dance is accompanied by music and songs of the region to (f) ___________  it belongs.

In the gap (e), which one is the correct or all of them are correct?
A, each, every , the  

My all answers are as follows:-

(a)    all
(b)   through
(c)    the
(d)   of
(e)   A
(f)    which

Dear student,

Any one of the four options could be correct when we make a general statement. However, here the correct option would be 'Every' since, we are talking about all the dance styles of India.


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each is the right option
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