sir how can we find the number of ​bonding electron in chemical bonding ?? and then how to draw a lewis stucture based on number of non bonding electron .

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It would be better , if you would have provided us with the question in which you have doubt.
However, to explain your question., let us take the example of water, H2O
Here O is the central metal, which has 6 valence electrons around it.
Each hydrogen has one valence electron around it.
So the lewis dot structure becomes:

here x represents valence electrons of O and o represents the valence electrons of H.
Thus when electrons are arranged , O has 8 electrons around it and thus its octet is complete.
H also has a complete octet.
The number of bonding electrons however are 4/i.e there are 2 bond pairs , as two lone pairs remain on the O atom without any bonding, as shown below:


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First u should know the valency of the atom . So that many will be the bonding electrons in that particular atom
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