Sir/Madam can you please solve question no.10

Sir/Madam can you please solve question no.10 LA = 900. Calculate the area of A ABC. (ICSE) 10. The sides of a triangular field are 320 m, 200 m and 180 m long. Using ruler and compasses 'only, draw the plan of the field using the scale 50 m = I cm. Construct the altitude ofthe triangle on the side representing 320 m. Measure the altitude and use your result to calculate the area 2 of the actual field in m . (ICSE)

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Steps for construction:
Given measurements:AB=320 mBC=180 mCA=200mGiven,50 m=1 cmAB=320 m=32050=6.4 cmBC=180 m=18050=3.6 cmCA=200m=20050=4 cmSteps for construction:1.Draw line segment AB=6.4 cm.2.With A as center and 4 cm as radius,draw an arc.3.With C as center and 3.6 cm as radius,draw an arc to cut the previously drawn arc at C.4.Join AC and BC.5.Extend the line segment AB.6.With C as center and any length outside AB,cut AB at F and G.7.With the same length,and F as center,draw an arc below AB8.With the same length,and G as center,cut the previously drawn arc at E.9.Join Ec and let it cut AB at B.CD is the required altitude.On measuring,CD=2 cm=2×50=100 mHence,Area of triangle =12Base×AltitudeArea of triangle =12AB×CDArea of triangle =12320×100Area of triangle =320002 m2Area of triangle =16000 m2
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