Sir/ madam can you please solve question no. 5

Sir/ madam can you please solve question no. 5 (b) Which is more electronegative than chlorine S. First ionisation enthalpy of two elements X and Y are 500 kJ mol-' and 375 kJ mol-l respectively. Comment about their relative position in a group as well as In a period. 6. Arrange the following in order of increasing radii •

Dear student, please find the answer to your query below: 
Ionisation enthalpy is defined as the energy required to remove an electron from a atom in neutral and gaseous phase.  Ionisation enthalpy increases as we move from left to right  in a period because as we move left to right in a period valence shell gets filled. Ionisation enthalpy decreases down a group because as the radius of the atom increases down the group the outermost electron go further away from nucleus, decreasing the attraction. Hence making it easier for loss of electron. 
The first ionisation enthalpy is energy required to remove the outermost electron. 
As given in the question first ionisation enthalpy for X is 500 kJ per mol and Y is 350 kJ per mol, so X will lie towards the right side of the period and Y nearly  towards left. 
And X will lie towards the upper side of the group and Y towards the lower side. 
Hope this information clears your doubts. 

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