Sir/Madam can you please tell me the answer of question no. - 14 , 15

Q14. A space craft flying in a straight course with a velocity of 75 km s–1 fires its rocket motors for 6.0 s. At the end of this time, its speed is 120 Km s–1 in the same direction. Find : (i) the space craft's average acceleration while the motors were firing, (ii) the distance travelled by the space craft in the first 10 s after the rocket motors were started, the motors having been in action for only 6.0 s.

                                                                                          Ans. (i) 7.5 Km s–2, (ii) 1065 Km

Q15. A train starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at a rate of 2 m s–2 for 10 s. It then maintains a constant speed for 200 s. The brakes are then applied and the train is uniformly retarded and comes to rest in 50 s. Find : (i) the maximum velocity reached, (ii) the retardation in the last 50 s, (iii) the total distance travelled, and (iv) the average velocity of the train.

                                                                 Ans. (i) 20 m s–1, (ii) 0-4 m s–2, (iii) 4600 m, (iv) 17.69 m s–1

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Here is a link given below for the question number 14 which will help you to solve this question with proper explanation .

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