Sir or ma'am can you explain this question please? Step by step please. This is of accountancy.

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Books of Ravi
Date   Particulars   L.F. Debitt Credit 
Feb.13 Sudershan Dr.   40,000  
    To Sales A/c       40,000
  (Goods sold to Sudershan)        
Feb.13 Bills Receivable A/c Dr.   40,000  
    To Sudershan       40,000
  (Four bills from Sudershan received: the first for Rs
 5,000, the second bill for Rs 10,000, the third bill for
Rs 12,000 and the fourth bill for Rs 13)
Feb.13 Bank A/c Dr.   4,975  
  Discount A/c Dr.   25  
    To Bills Receivable A/c       5,000
  (The first bill discounted with bank at 6% p.a.)        
Feb.13 Mustaq Dr.   10,200  
    To Bills Receivable A/c       10,000
    To Discount Received A/c       200
  (The second bill endorsed to Mustaq in full settlement
of amount due to him)
Mar.03 Bill Sent for Collection A/c Dr.   13,000  
    To Bills Receivable A/c       13,000
  (The fourth bill sent to bank for collection)        
Mar.07 Sudershan Dr.   13,000  
    To Bill Sent for Collection A/c       13,000
  (The fourth bill dishonored on due date)        
Mar.07 Sudershan Dr.   81  
    To Interest A/c       81
  (Interest due on the fourth bill Rs 13,000 for 19
days at 12% p.a,)
Mar.10 Cash A/c Dr.   13,081  
    To Sudershan       13,081
  (Cash received from Sudershan)      
Mar.16 Sudershan Dr.   5,000  
    To Bank A/c       5,000
  (The first bill dishonored)      
Mar.16 Sudershan Dr.   50  
    To Interest A/c       50
  (Interest due on amount Rs 5,000 at 12%
for one month)
Mar.19 Cash A/c Dr.   5,050  
    To Sudershan A/c       5,050
  (Sudershan paid the amount due on account
 dishonored of the first bill plus interest)
Mar.28 Sudershan Dr.   10,000  
  Discount Received A/c Dr.   200  
    To Mustaq       10,200
  (The second bill dishonoured, which had endorsed
 in favor of Mustaq)
Mar.28 Sudershan Dr.   132  
    To Interest A/c       132
  (Interest charged at 12% on the amount due on account
of dishonour of the second bill Rs 10,000)
Apr.01 Cash A/c Dr.   10,132  
    To Sudershan A/c       10,132
  (Received cash from Sudershan for the second bill
along with interest)
May16 Sudershan Dr.   12,000  
    To Bills Receivable A/c       12,000
  (The third bill dishonoured on due date)        
May16 Sudershan Dr.   360  
    To Interest A/c       360
  (Interest at 12% for 3 months charged on the amount due
on account of dishounor the third bill Rs 12,000)
May19 Cash A/c Dr.   12,360  
    To Sudershan       12,360
  (Cash received from Sudershan for the third bill along with interest 12% p.a.)      

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